Lipofilling or fat grafting is indicated to add small volumes to the breast. Lipofilling is also indicated to improve specific areas of the breast such as the cleavage area or the lower poles. Those regions are the aesthetic regions of the breast. For larger volumes an implant is used and combined with lipofilling (the hybrid technique).

It seems logical that sufficient donor (fat) tissue should be available to perform the lipofilling technique. Liposuction is performed to remove fat tissue and the removed fat is purified and re-injected in the subcutaneous tissues of the breast.


Our experience in fat grafting learns us that injection of 100cc of fat will result in a volume augmentation of approximately 60cc. Part of the injected fat will resorb (or disappear) which is a natural phenomenon. The resorption rate is variable from person to person and depends on the lifestyle and general condition of the patient.


  • your own tissue is used for breast augmentation
  • almost no visible scars (no incisions)
  • additional liposuction
  • fast recovery
  • low risk of infection or complications
  • specific areas of the breast can be treated
  • day clinic admission


  • small volumes
  • unpredictable resorption rates
  • second procedure can be necessary depending on resorption rate
  • bruising (ecchymosis) from liposuction
  • smoking absolutely forbidden
  • we use living tissue: general lifestyle is important to obtain the best results


Under general anesthesia subcutaneous fat deposits are removed via liposuction. Fat is harvested from the hips, abdomen, or thighs and processed to obtain purified fat. This purified fat is injected in the subcutaneous layers of the breast. The body will absorb some of the injected fat during healing. What remains after approximately three months will be permanent.

In general, it is possible to increase the breast size with one cup size. For larger volume increases multipele procedures can be necessary depending on the availability of donor tissue.


Compared to traditional breast augmentation procedures with implants, fat grafting procedures takes longer. Multiple steps are involved in the procedure such as liposuction, processing and injection of the fat. Processing means that unwanted oil and body fluids are discarded. Only purified fat is used for injection. Generally, the procedure lasts about two to three hours.