with lipofilling

Breast augmentation with fat grafting or lipofilling adds a small to moderate volume (1 or 1 1/2 cup size) to the breasts. The advantage is that your own (fat) tissue is used and foreign materials (implants) are avoided.  The result is a natural looking breast without visible or palpable implants. For larger volumes the combination of an implant with fat grafting is an option. This technique is called the hybrid breast augmentation.



Active smoking is a reason not to perform this procedure. Nicotine compromises the survival of fat grafts. A history of breast cancer or genetic predisposition should be mentioned. A preoperative mammogram is performed from the age of 35 and in all patients with genetic predisposition. It acts as a reference exam, although the fat is not injected within the breast gland. Two weeks before surgery specific skin care is prescribed to optimize the recipient site. It is important to realize that living cells are used in this technique and everything should be done to maximize their survival.



Under general anesthesia liposuction is performed with fat removed from the thighs, flancs, abdomen or love handle regions. The fat is processed (washed or centrifuged) and re-injected in the subcutaneous tissue layers of the breast (not in the breast gland itself). Specific areas of the breast can be treated (lower poles, cleavage) and small cannulas are used to inject (leaving no scars). The procedure takes about 2 hours. After the operation a lipopanthy is advised for three weeks and a sports bra for 3 weeks (avoiding pressure on the breasts).

  • natural result
  • no implant
  • no incisions
  • own tissue
  • specific treatment
  • unpredictable resorption
  • 2nd treatment possible
  • small volume
  • weight loss = volume loss