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IFATS 2017, Miami, USA
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Dr Filip Stillaert is presenting at the IFATS Meeting in Miami, Florida (USA). He presents the hybrid technique in breast reconstruction, also called the “bioengineered breast” which is a combination of fat grafting with an implant to achieve natural results in breast reconstruction. This approach is not a standard...Continued
18th International Course on Perforator Flaps
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Our department organizes the 18th International Course on Perforator Flaps in Ghent, Belgium. The first ever International Course on Perforator Flaps (ICPF) was organized in Gent, Belgium, 20 years ago in 1997, when perforator flap surgery was still in its pioneering phase. Perforator flap surgery was described as extravagant...Continued
IFATS Meeting 2017
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In November 2017 the next IFATS Meeting will take place in Miami, United States. IFATS is the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science. Dr Stillaert is an IFATS member and will present his experience on breast reconstruction with implants and fat grafting. He will also moderate a scientific...Continued