World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants 2019

Dr Stillaert presenteerde aan de hand van een video zijn techniek over de hybride borstreconstructie op het World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants. Het symposium vond plaats aan het Garda meer in Italië op 5 oktober 2019.

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London Breast Meeting 2019

Dr Stillaert presenting the technique and results of prepectoral hybrid breast reconstruction at the London Breast Meeting 2019. The technique combines fat grafting and an implant to achieve natural results in prepectoral breast reconstruction.

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The Lumbar Artery Perforator flap

Autologous breast reconstruction is superior compared to implant-based reconstructions.

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UZ Gent

Visiting Fellows

International colleagues from Thailand, India, Japan and Croatia are visiting our department to learn microsurgical procedures. Some of them stay for one week, others even stay for three months to enjoy additional training in microsurgery.

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Highlights of Plastic Surgery - Panama 2019

Dr Stillaert is an invited speaker at the Highlights of Plastic Surgery 2019 in Panama.

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Nose replantation

This patient suffered from a dog bite injury of the nose 8 years ago. I replanted the amputated part with arterial anastomosis. No donor vein could be retrieved and venous congestion was solved with medicinal leeches. She is seen 8 years after the successful replantation.

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IFATS Marseille

The next meeting of IFATS in 2019 is in Marseille, France. More information on #ifats2019

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Dr Filip Stillaert

Plastisch en Reconstructief Chirurg

Specialist in lipofilling en borstchirurgie

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